My name is Connor and I aspire to become a games designer, I want to create games that bring a wide range of emotions to the people’s life just as games have for me. My time at university has taught me a wide range of skills from better communication to improving my Art, 3D modelling and even learning basic Scripting in the unreal engine. I believe I have develop my skills to the point where I am in a positions to contribute to a work environment.




I am passionate about games, and I want to become a designer/developer of them. What little work experience I have, I make up for with the eagerness to learn and improve myself. I am hoping to advance to the next level and start gaining experience within the industry.


I am proficient with 3ds max modelling software as well as photoshop and Microsoft office and I have basic blueprint scripting skills within the unreal engine.


I achieved a 2:1 BA (Hons) Games Design degree from the University of Cumbria. I believe having this Degree will provide me with a great foundation to build and develop the skills needed to work in the games design industry.


I am also currently studying to achieve an MA in Creative Practice at the same university, so far on this MA course, I have looked at trying to learn and develop new and old skills like Narrative scriptwriting, Drawing skills, modelling and production, Game/Level design.


Work Experience



November 2020 - February 2021


I worked part-time at The ITO as an assistant to a web designer. My tasks include grammar and spell checking, replacing stock photos and general small tasks while I was learning how to use and navigate word press. After a month of training, I was moved to web design where I began the process of creating websites for a few smaller clients.



[2020 - 2021][University of Cumbria]

[MA - Creative Practice]


[2017 - 2020][University of Cumbria]

[BA (Hons) Games Design]




In my second year of university, I was the team leader for a project where we created a demo game consisting of 3 small levels.


I have also taken part in the annual Game jams my university holds every year.


My role as the team leader consisted of task and time management as well as organizing and assigning work for 7 other members. I also did documentation work, level design and 3D modelling along with my leadership duties.


Another member and I took the demo game to an event called Develop: Brighton, where we displayed our game alongside the likes of sumo digital, team 17, hangar 13, code masters and 2K. This gave me my first real look into the game industry and the events it holds.


Activities & Interests


Well besides the generic answer of video games.  I’ve always enjoyed designing and creating things with my hands from doing Carpentry, Ceramics, Origami, Cooking, Arts and Crafts and even making my own infused rum. Cooking, in particular, is very important to me as I have fond memories as a child cooking with my grandparents.  I believe these activities have helped my creative side develop from a young age.



Available upon request.



Interested in learning more about my work or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project? Reach out today.

Institute of the Arts, University of Cumbria, Brampton Rd, Carlisle CA3 9AW


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